Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rodak's Writings: Some Satire

Thanks for Sharing!

Oh. Wow. What can I say? This one really slaps me in the face. Without getting all profound, I can say it puts the real in my reality! Your piece just grabs my dangling balls and gives them a mighty twist. It honestly puts the “anker” in wanker for me. Your words have taken my worthless existence—which had no more significance than a wretched retrovirus clinging with its teeny-tiny little micro-organistic toenails to the precipitous edge of the shitpile that was this life—and has given me the vision to go forth towards a brave new future in macro-interpersonal-communications. Or sales.

For me the lines:

xxxEvery crack in my pale pavement
xxxleads only to another square of hard cement—

xxxxxxthe sun goes down
xxxxxxand so do I

xxYou were the straw
xxxxthat stirred my drink. I thirst.
xxI thirst—

xxxxxxO, thirsty me!

are life life-changing, crucial, as fundamentally and as essentially necessary as oxygen! They punch me right in the gut! They slap my ugly mug! They scuttle my skateboard, put a dent in my Chevy, and drain the pus from my piercings. They piss in my Cheerios and gob in my Dr. Pepper. They put the helz in my belz! You’ve really flipped me the bird this time! You can bet that I’ll be back again and again for more of the same! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Lynne H. said...

perchance is this written about JL's words? if not no matter.. this is witty and wise.. love it!!!

Rodak said...

Thanks, Lynne. Haven't studied JL's words closely enough to single them out. This is a light-hearted observation more general than that.

Tracie O'braks said...

Laughing hard... and now nervous to leave words! Thus they be reiterated in the future. :)

Rodak said...

No worries, Tracie. I sound just like that myself in comment boxes... It's all good.