Thursday, March 18, 2010

Quote du Jour: From a Literary Gem

Here is a quote from the best new novel I've read in a long, long time. Warren is a man in great distress. Kenny is a professional Jesus impersonator, and the brother of a woman with whom Warren has been having an extramarital affair. Warren's twelve-year old son, Jonas, has run away from home:

xx"Would you like to pray for your son?"
xx"I don't believe in God," Warren said.
xx"That's okay. I work for myself."
xxWarren looked at him. He seemed to be serious. Kenny knelt in front of him and laid a hand on Warren's head. His sunglasses reflected Warren's face, turning it moosey and distorted. Warren closed his eyes. He did not know how to ration his prayer. There were so many things he could ask forgiveness for: for loving Jonas least of his children; for giving up on life; for being here at all, in grease-stained khakis, at a strange woman's trailer. Once, as a boy, Warren had asked his mother if animals ever prayed to God; she'd told him that they didn't need to, that God heard them through their suffering."

I recommend the novel highly. I got turned on to it here.