Monday, July 13, 2009

Reflections: Bedfellas

Hear the Good News! If you can rid yourself politically of those butchers who advocate reproductive rights for women, you will rid yourself at the same time of fairies in the barracks and at the altar; you will purge those peaceniks who would rather live under a caliphate than defend their nation’s honor; you will cleanse this land of the godless socialists who would use YOUR money to feed, house, clothe and heal the undeserving poor, and who would force your children to swim with Negroes and hear Spanish spoken in the public schools by illegal aliens.

Best of all, each of these things can be accomplished without your ever having to even think about the face on the poster taped to the inside of the closet door in that dark back room of the place where you live...


Anonymous said...

dude, pathetic.

try to write something coherent.

you might actually get some visitors pro or con to your blog of one.

try living in the real world.

i love socialists who put down their fellow working man and woman. (esp. the women).


Rodak said...

Value judgements from nameless trolls, and so early in the morning. What's the world coming to?

Anonymous said...

and rodak is your real name?

seems you have your share of value judgments, sir.

but you know better than anyone what the world is coming to.

Rodak said...

You can get to my real name, starting from "Rodak" which is cobbled together from syllables of my real name.
And what distinguishes you from all the other Anonymous commenters lurking out there?
Why don't you go haunt somebody else's house for awhile?

Anonymous said...

In your own words:
"I am a faceless clerk and blue collar pilgrim, surviving near the center of the continent, on the fringes of a shopworn civilization. I abide in rooms full of partially-read tomes, each bookmarked with the fragment of a shattered illusion."

Who is Anonymous?

Why don't you shut down your comments section since it's clear you're only interested in solipsism.

Rodak said...

If you want to know my name, Sparky, all you have to do is find the sidebar and click on my Facebook link.
But that would take some thought and some iniative.
Never mind.

Rodak said...

Btw, the Twitter link will also get you my name. You have two shots at it.

Anonymous said...

it's not your name that matters is it?

Rodak said...

It's not your name that matters. But a name--any name of your choice--is something you have to maintain the integrity of.
Why don't you choose a name, get a blog, and put your own opinions out there, rather than just sniping at those of otherss?

Anonymous said...

you don't know if i have a blog or not.

no one is sniping. i'm sorry you've taken my comments that way. certainly, no harm intended.

i would ask, why do have a blog if you don't want comments?

the big blogs take hits from all comers and survive, if not thrive.

i'm just giving you a little target practice so you'll be ready when you hit it big.

Rodak said...

I do want comments. But I would prefer to have thoughtful comments on the topics presented, rather than ad hominem comments stating only that I'm "pathetic" and incoherent, not living in the real world, and putting down my fellow working man and woman (which I have not done.)
The point of this post, if given some thought, was that those who vote for, say, George W. Bush, because he claims to be "pro-life" are also voting for all that other bad stuff I list, willy-nilly.
Is it worth it?

Rodak said...

Btw, if you do have a blog, why don't you add the URL to your signature, so that one can find you there after you have commented?

Anonymous said...

label: American Fascists

Hear the Good News! If you can rid yourself politically of those butchers who advocate reproductive rights for women

Who are 'those butchers who advocate reproductive rights for women?'

Who are 'fairies in the barracks and at the altar'?

Who are the peaceniks? who would rather live under a caliphate?

Who are the 'godless socialists'? (who would use YOUR money to feed, house, clothe and heal the undeserving poor, and who would force your children to swim with Negroes and hear Spanish spoken in the public schools by illegal aliens.)

Who is 'the face taped to the inside of the closet door in that dark back room of the place where you live...'?

Am I to insert "Bush" and Bush voters, followers, etc. for each instance?

There are better ways of calling out Bush - try using his name, a proper noun.

And, once we have some names, if not one, then am I to suppose the label "American Fascist" fits?

And, who are these "unthinking" people you are exhorting (...once you rid yourself, etc. etc.) to behave in ways you only allude to and obliquely at that?

Rodak said...

You need new batteries in your sarcasm-o-meter, Bubba.
Or, maybe just to work on your reading comprehension.

Rodak said...

Oh, and "who are they?" It's hard to say. But they are those types who have sometimes been generically characterized as "Good Germans."

You might have clicked on the "American Fascists" tab and read what I've written before on the topic, prior to firing off your latest salvo. You would have saved yourself all those keystrokes.

Anonymous said...

ooohhh, I'm impressed...

'those germans'

so precise, cogent, succinct, quotable.


another dig at my IQ - shiver me timbers!

poor me, i didn't think to click your link ergo how can i ever speak directly to what IS written in the here and now without first getting my PhD.

the fact remains: you didn't answer the question. either you can't or you won't. if you can't, you're a sham. if you won't, you're a scaredy-cat.

either way - i predict big blog traffic in your future

Rodak said...

No, the point is that I've answered it at quite some length in the past; that the links to those answers are available to you still; and that if you really want to know what that answer is, you will take the time and make the effort to find out.
I have no intention of reiterating for your sole benefit things that I've been writing about over a period of many months.
If you care to discuss the ideas, go back and familiarize yourself with them, starting at the beginning. If not, stop wasting my time.

Anonymous said...

rodak the professor strikes again!

you ask much of your commenter's who are merely stopping by for a friendly chat.

it seems you wish to have this conversation with yourself and very few others of your choice.

why didnja just say so?

oh, it's against your religion to be plain spoken even tho you're from Dog Patch, USA, it's way too easy, too ugly American...

you'd rather order your commenters around. tell them to do something you prescribe FIRST, before you deign to reveal your pearls of wisdom from on high to the curious masses (washed or unwashed? your choice.) there anything else you'd like? how 'bout egg in your beer?

(sorry. that's a mid-Western expression. you wouldn't understand.)

time for more bon bons.


Rodak said...

'Bye now.

Rodak said...

Q: Since I live "near the center of the Continent," why wouldn't I be familiar with a mid-Western expression?

Anonymous said...

thanks, Britanicus.

you nicely changed the subject.

Rodak said...

Some fascist troll calling himself Brittanicus was under the mistaken opinion that I am operating a digital billboard here, and that it is anybody's job but mine to change the subject. Post deleted.

Anonymous said...

duly noted, comrade

William R. Barker said...





Rodak said...

Now you show up, Barker...

William R. Barker said...

"Now you show up, Barker..."

What's that the kids say... "ROFLMAO?"


There I was... ALL FRIGG'N EXCITED... clicked over to Rodak Riffs and what do I see... TWENTY-FOUR (24) FRIGG'N POSTS on one thread!

Man...! I start licking my lips, rubbing my hands together, it's like I'm about to walk into an open bar...


And what do I find...?

I find "pfuhh."

DAMN! No red meat for Bill...

Anyway, Rob, one of these days you've gotta drop by It'll remind you of the old Ragged Thots - RT in its glory!