Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rants: ECON 101

How do we know that America is a Land of Wonder? We know that America is a wonderland because only in America could one man--a rather eccentric man like Rep. Barney Frank--single-handedly destroy an entire multi-trillion dollar economy!

All by himself, Rep. Frank was able to entice the legendary Adam Smith to drop trou, grab his ankles, and moan through bitten lips, while Rep. Frank formed the Invisible Hand into a fist and shoved it up Adam's ass, all the way to the elbow. And all to get the Willie Robinson family out of that nasty, vertical, inner-city ghetto and into a modest bungalow in the horizontal ghetto on the wrong side of town.

If only Willie could've paid the vig!

As I said--Only in America!