Saturday, July 28, 2007

Why I am Here

I enjoy being a disembodied consciousness. I like to express what is in my mind, and on my mind, without having my thought-words colored and reworked by the perceptions, opinions, or preconceptions of who I am that may develop in the minds or emotions of my interlocutors, based on how I look and sound--my style, my body language, my physical beauty, or lack thereof--or upon any relationship that is on-going in the material world.

It has been my habit for some time to rise at 4:00 a.m. in order to read and think, while most of the world sleeps silently in the darkness without. Not long after instituting this practice, I began taking notes on my readings, jotting down those things which resonated, or harmonized, with something already intellectually, or spiritually, internalized, and thus perceived as partaking of Truth. I now plan to incorporate some of that material here. In this way, I will slowly sketch in the outlines of the self-portrait of a mind.

Should any other cognitive entity somehow stumble across this site and wish to visit for the purpose of discussing what is posted here, such discourse will be welcomed:

[The master of dialectic] must be able to distinguish the essential nature of Goodness, isolating it from all other Forms; he must fight his way through all criticisms, determined to examine every step by the standard, not of appearances and opinions, but of reality and truth, and win through to the end without sustaining a fall. If he cannot do this, he will know neither Goodness itself nor any good thing; if he does lay hold upon some semblance of good, it will be only a matter of belief, not of knowledge; and he will dream away his life in a sleep which has no awakening on this side of that world of Death where he will sleep at last for ever.
--The Republic of Plato, chapter XXVII